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What are the top causes of truck crashes?

Georgia roadways play host to semi-trucks as drivers work around the clock to deliver goods from all over. With the uptick in big trucks, a related increase in accidents occurs. Truck crashes are some of the most fatal. The size of the truck and the weight of its...

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Is your illness caused by your job?

Feeling under the weather can leave you lax and unproductive at work. A trip to the doctor may have you questioning whether your job is to blame. While injuries at work seem more cut and dry when it comes to fault and workers' compensation, some illnesses may also...

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What kinds of plea bargains exist?

It is highly likely that your criminal defense case will involve a plea bargain. Depending on the details of your case, accepting a plea bargain may be a good idea or a bad one. However, even if you decide to not accept a plea bargain, it is common for the prosecution...

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How can road rage lead to truck crashes?

When you are driving your car on a busy highway, you may begin to notice the variety of vehicles around you and how they operate. One of the most intimidating kinds can be trucks since their size and speed are sometimes sources of danger for smaller vehicles. This is...

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Is vocational therapy necessary?

Preparing to return to work after an injury can cause uncertainty, especially if you have not yet completed your recovery. Depending on your injury, you might have lost the skills or mobility to perform your former job duties. Vocational rehabilitation is one resource...

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Why are traffic fatalities on the rise in the U.S.

If you drive a modern car, truck or SUV, your vehicle undoubtedly has hundreds of safety features. Even though these features should keep you safe during a car accident, they do not eliminate your odds of dying or suffering a serious injury in one. According to the...

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Teen drivers, teen passengers a deadly combination

When summer hits Georgia, more teenage drivers make their way to state roadways, and this creates new dangers for everyone sharing the roads with them. Teen drivers are more prone to many dangerous driving behaviors than older motorists, and the number of fatal and...

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