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Can a leg fracture leave you with permanent damage?

Fractured bones are some of the most common accident injuries, but do not let that fact lull you into believing that having one is not a big deal. Some leg fractures may lead to permanent and long-lasting damage.

While some leg breaks may heal with a cast and some rest, others may require several surgeries and hospitalization.

How did you get the fracture?

A fractured leg bone during a crash may happen for various reasons, the most common of which happens from the force traveling through the vehicle from the impact. Right leg fractures at the ankle and tibia occur most frequently due to the pressure you exert on the brake pedal and the forces coming back up through the vehicle.

What type of break did you sustain?

A compound fracture separates the bone. The wider the chasm, the more likely you need hardware to pin the sections back in place to heal. When the bone separates, there is a higher chance that surrounding tissue and nerves sustain damage, which may mean not only surgery but also a loss of sensation for a period, if not permanently.

Did you also have an open wound?

The most damaging fractures involve an open wound. This happens when the bone pierces the skin and allows dirt and debris into the body. In this case, doctors have to perform surgery to repair the bone and remove damaged tissue. Often, surgeons cannot close open fracture wounds until they are confident that bacteria is not present. These fractures are the most severe and result in long-lasting and permanent damage to the tissue and nerves.

If you face a lengthy recovery from a fracture, you may need assistance with getting insurance companies to help pay.