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Fight For Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

To preserve your right to collect workers’ compensation after a workplace accident, you should report the incident to your employer within 30 days. If the injury has developed over time — such as repetitive stress injuries — the 30-day requirement dates to when you were diagnosed. Generally, a claim should be made to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation within one year of the date of the accident, one year of the last provision of medical benefits and two years of the last payment of income benefits.

A Knowledgeable Advocate On Your Side Can Make All The Difference

To ensure that you can collect all available benefits after you were injured at work, entrust your case to an experienced advocate. Our attorneys can guide you through all necessary processes and advocate for you if your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier puts up roadblocks as you pursue fair compensation.

Some have also been able to collect additional compensation by filing personal injury claims against third parties such as motorists. Discuss your case in detail with Mr. Prine to determine whether you may have a third-party liability claim as well as a workers’ compensation case.

In workers’ compensation claims, timing is critical. The Georgia workers’ compensation laws place limits on the length of time a worker can wait to pursue a claim. Workers’ compensation claims can be complex. Working with a knowledgeable lawyer can be critical to the outcome in your case.

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