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Skilled Defense Against DUI Charges

Dealing with DUI charges in Georgia is challenging because there are so many potential consequences. You could face fines or even jail time, loss of your driving privileges and other penalties.

At the Prine Law Group, we can help you meet this challenge with a strong defense against any type of DUI charge. Give us a call today at 478-201-9755 for a free consultation with an experienced defense lawyer. From our office in Macon, we serve clients throughout Georgia.

Protect Your License With A Dedicated Attorney

It is understandable to be feeling anxious right now, given the potential consequences. You don’t want to go to jail or lose your driver’s license. The same is true of being required to attend a driver’s risk reduction course or a chemical dependency treatment program. And if you are commercial driver, we know your license is your livelihood.

Just remember this: a strong defense against charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs starts with facing your fears and getting the legal help you need.

Our firm can take your side and provide skilled drugged or drunk driving defense based on the facts of your particular case. We know there are effective defenses that can often be made in drugged driving cases and that roadside tests for blood alcohol level aren’t always accurate. Let us advocate on your behalf and seek to have the charges dismissed or reduced. This includes handling related charges, such as traffic offenses or drug possession.

Choose A Lawyer Who Can Protect Your Needs

The defense we provide will always be tailored to your specific circumstances. Give us a call today to arrange a no-cost consultation with an experienced attorney. Or, if you prefer, complete the online form.