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Why are injury rates so high among hotel housekeepers?

Anyone who makes a living cleaning Georgia hotel rooms may understand how common aches, pains and injuries are in this line of work. Working in any hotel or resort brings with it certain hazards, but research shows that, among service-sector workers, hotel housekeepers are those most likely to suffer work-related injuries.

According to UNITE HERE, hotel workers of all types are 40% more likely to suffer on-the-job injuries than others who work in the service industry.

Who is most at risk

Hotel housekeepers are especially at risk for injuries due to the physical toll cleaning hotel rooms takes on the body. The injury rate among hotel housekeepers is 50% higher than that of other hotel workers. Also, certain hotel housekeepers face a higher work-related injury risk than others. Women doing this job are 50% more likely to suffer injuries while working than men. Hispanic women who work as hotel housekeepers face the highest on-the-job injury rate of all.

What causes injuries among hotel housekeepers

Cleaning hotel rooms often involves spending time on a worker’s hands and needs, which is tough on the body. Scrubbing floors, pickup up items off the floor and moving furniture around all create injury hazards. The job often involves heavy lifting, and this, too, is a frequent cause of back and other injuries in the industry. The fast pace of work and the pressure placed on workers to keep up with it also compound injury risks for those who clean hotel rooms.

Workers who experience pain or become unable to work due to injuries suffered on the job may be able to collect workers’ compensation to help cover medical bills, lost wages or other areas.