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Month: January 2022

Understanding the BAC limit

Drunk driving is a serious issue that affects everyone on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10,142 people died in drunk driving accidents throughout the nation in 2019 alone. That is 28 deaths every day. It is important to know...

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How can road rage cause accidents?

Feeling intense anger while driving can lead to many dangerous and risky situations. Being able to spot signs of road rage, which can greatly influence how someone reacts to other drivers, is important to learn about as someone trying to stay safe on the road....

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How speeding leads to accidents

Speed limits on roads in Georgia and throughout the U.S. seek to make the roadways safer for all users. When individual drivers exceed the posted limits they endanger themselves, their passengers and other people on the roads. Speeding leads to more fatalities and...

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