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How can road rage cause accidents?

Feeling intense anger while driving can lead to many dangerous and risky situations.

Being able to spot signs of road rage, which can greatly influence how someone reacts to other drivers, is important to learn about as someone trying to stay safe on the road.

Disregard for speed limits

According to NBC News, a car that is traveling far over the speed limit has a higher chance of crashing into someone else and causing lasting injuries. When a person becomes enraged on the road, he or she can tailgate another car and break the speed limit.

Not only can this cause other drivers to panic, but it can also lead to the aggravated person sideswiping or ramming into the back of your car.

Uneven braking

If a person in front of you stops suddenly and then continues to speed up, you may be dealing with someone who is purposefully trying to harm you. This kind of uneven braking is a common sign of road rage, since it allows drivers to scare you without leaving the car.

A person who is using tactics like this can often become more enraged and escalate the actions they take in some circumstances.

Blocked lane changes

An angry driver who continually pulls in front of you and attempts to block you from switching lanes or turning off a road is a serious safety threat. Accidents can happen in the span of a few seconds, since this kind of weaving in and out of traffic can confuse you and limit where you can turn to escape it.

Learning about road rage and how it influences accidents can help you determine what to do next.