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The dangers of driving on the interstate

Staying safe on the roads has become challenging. Even with the influx of smart cars and driving tools, highways continue to host the majority of accidents.

While some aspects of interstate driving make it easier to avoid crashes, others make it deadlier. Discover some of the most common reasons why the highway remains the deadliest place to drive in the state.

Higher speeds

With little to no traffic control devices and plenty of lanes, highway drivers should move at a steady pace. However, one of a driver’s deadliest mistakes on the interstate is speeding. It remains the leading cause of crashes, both on the interstate and other roadways.

Distractions and technology

Driving in the tech age means having a computer readily available. Smart cars incorporate hands-free infotainment centers making it simple to navigate a menu with the sound of a voice. However, even with these advancements, drivers continue engaging in distracted driving behaviors. Whether checking texts messages, taking photos or making phone calls, driving while attempting other tasks may result in fatal crashes, especially on highways.

Driver diversity

The interstate system is the scene of the most diverse group of drivers. It helps to understand that drivers all come from various backgrounds and driving histories. While some practices should remain uniform from one state to another, individual preferences and practices do not.

When it comes to remaining in control of a vehicle on the interstate, paying attention to speed, other drivers and laws help. Keep in mind that most accidents are due to human error, which means the control lies directly with drivers.