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4 dangerous driving behaviors of truckers

Being hit by a truck is almost always traumatic given the speed, force and weight behind these oversized vehicles. Unfortunately, truck driver error and negligence can cause devastating injuries and fatalities for the unsuspecting motorist.

While you cannot prevent a truck driver from making a mistake, knowing the common dangerous driving behaviors that often lead to an accident can help you prepare for what to do if you find yourself in an accident.

1. Fatigued driving

When a trucker drives while sleepy and tired, the reaction times for braking, turning or other responses slow down considerably. This diminishes decision-making abilities and increases the potential for an accident. Many drivers routinely violate the hours-of-service rules, jeopardizing motorists and passengers nationwide.

2. Inexperienced driving

Another dangerous behavior that leads to accidents is driving without proper training and experience. Braking too quickly, speeding and improperly securing and distributing a load can lead to truck rollovers or situations where the driver loses control of the truck.

3. Distracted driving

Truck drivers who eat while behind the wheel or spend time talking or texting on a mobile phone jeopardize others on the road. Distracted driving could lead to a head-on collision, swerving into another lane or rear-ending the vehicle in front when failing to brake.

4. Careless driving

Speed often plays a role in trucking accidents, as can following too closely or ignoring road signs. Careless driving involves many things, but a driver operating a truck without paying attention to their actions and others puts lives at risk.

Getting into an accident with a truck will likely end up in injuries and severe property damage. You have legal recourse when truck driver negligence caused your accident.