Accidents Caused By Impaired Drivers

Getting hurt or losing a loved one because of a drunk driver is the worst kind of injustice. You know the accident shouldn't have happened. The drunk shouldn't have been driving at all, but the insurance defense lawyers may still try to place a great deal of the blame on you.

Georgia DUI Car Accident Attorneys

At Prine Law Firm, we will fight aggressively for the victims of drunk drivers. We know the insurance defense tactics. The sad part is that their defense strategies are often effective. So we look beyond the scene of the accident. We investigate the driver's record and history. We look for "vicarious" liability, including Dram Shop laws that hold the bar or restaurant liable. We look at every insured party so that you have every opportunity to obtain the maximum damages you are entitled to.

If you have been involved in a drunk driver accident, your settlement won't be easy. Don't think you can handle the insurance company by yourself. The adjustors know they may be subject to punitive damages and will fight you tooth and nail to make you give up and settle for pennies instead of millions. We make sure that every dollar you will need for a life-time of medical treatment and financial losses is taken into account.

As a former prosecutor, Jay Prine has prosecuted thousands of DUI drivers for the State of Georgia in criminal court. Now, Jay Prine has the experience to go after offenders of this crime in civil court in order to get the victim the money and compensation they deserve.

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DUI and Drunk Driving collision or wreck cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no fees until our client receives a settlement or jury award.