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How can road rage lead to truck crashes?

When you are driving your car on a busy highway, you may begin to notice the variety of vehicles around you and how they operate.

One of the most intimidating kinds can be trucks since their size and speed are sometimes sources of danger for smaller vehicles. This is even more true when the driver behind the wheel is full of frustration and tries to follow you, an act often known as road rage.

More risky behaviors

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, angry truck drivers can make simple mistakes while increasing their speed in order to tailgate another vehicle. Whether that includes turning too early or not breaking soon enough to avoid an accident, these mistakes can leave you with neck and back injuries after a crash.

A trucker with road rage is more likely to ignore the honking or gestures of other people telling them to slow down.

Harder vehicle to handle

Trucks are typically harder to control in some ways since they have more wheels and require more time to come to a complete stop. This means that a truck driver needs to pay attention to other cars turning onto the same road or changing lanes.

Lack of respect for the rules

Someone with road rage often assumes they can handle a vehicle no matter what and do not need to follow any rules. This can backfire when they must come to a stop or risk sideswiping another person. These drivers may run red lights and ignore stop signs in order to reach someone.

Being aware of how road rage can harm or kill people can help you if you are in a truck accident.