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How can medication dosages lead to drowsy driving?

As you continue to your destination, you may look around at the surrounding cars and notice someone swerving and weaving in and out of other lanes.

This kind of reckless driving, which is commonly known as drowsy driving, can happen when a driver is falling asleep at the wheel. One way that this sleepiness starts is when a person takes the wrong prescription before getting in a car.

Mistakes while filling prescriptions

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, taking overlapping medicines that lead to an impaired state of mind can leave a driver feeling exhausted. They may feel tempted to close their eyes and have slower reflexes than normal, which can lead to the car running off the road and into another person or vehicle.

Writing the wrong dosage or kind of drug on the prescription means this person will receive the wrong medicine. Mistakes that happen at the doctor’s office can indirectly influence a car accident.

Mistakes while taking a dosage

In some cases, a person may take a medicine improperly or in larger amounts than prescribed. Since the medicine may not take effect right away, they could travel for a while on the road before beginning to feel sleepy.

Mistakes while driving in traffic

Being able to focus on road signs and stop lights while drifting off to sleep is hard. Drowsy people may also experience bouts of nausea or struggle to react to dangers in traffic as quickly as before.

Not knowing how the medicine will react with other kinds of drugs and taking it anyway is a risky choice that some people may make. Staying aware of the dangers of unsafe medications and drowsy driving on the road can help you.