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Do distractions influence truck accidents?

As you drive around on a highway or other road, your eyes may wander to the vehicles around you. Someone inside a truck near you may be looking down or trying to type on a phone.

Reckless and distracted driving of this kind is a serious problem, especially when larger vehicles can potentially cause a more intense accident. Learning about the most common types of distractions and how they influence truckers can help you stay safe.

Ability to come to a complete stop

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, typing out a message on a phone or attempting to pick up food are both ways that truckers become distracted. When someone’s hands are not completely on the wheel as they drive along, they can struggle to turn in time to avoid a car in their way.

The longer it takes to react, the less time a trucker has to use the brake pedal or wheel. This is also more dangerous for other people on the road since it takes longer for larger and heavier vehicles to come to a complete stop.

Awareness of others

Sharing the road includes making sure that you are not swerving into another person’s lane or cutting off a car that is turning. Truckers who are focusing on discussions or electronic devices often drift from where they need to go and crash or sideswipe another driver.

Whether the trucker is reaching for an item inside the car or just adjusting the radio, distractions can lead to unsafe driving habits. Even a few moments of distraction can lead to a serious neck or spinal injury on a highway.