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How can the size of a motorcycle impact a possible accident?

Whether you are on a slick road after a rainstorm or you are traveling on a bright sunny day, you may wonder what aspects of a motorcycle can influence an accident.

Sharing the road with vehicles that have more wheels and larger frames can make it hard sometimes. Knowing the reasons why a motorcycle’s size impacts the safety of the rider is important.

Crowding on roads

According to the United States Department of Transportation, many drivers do not properly check the area around them before changing lanes or turning. This can be especially dangerous when a smaller vehicle, like a motorcycle, gets pushed off the road accidentally.

Since motorcycles require less space than some other vehicles, you may be at risk of enduring sideswipes and getting rear-ended by other drivers.

Stability and balance

While you may be a safe driver, unexpected threats and problems can cause you to lose your balance and fall off your motorcycle. Cars or trucks may crowd closer to your motorcycle as you both drive along, making you vulnerable to sudden movements or a bump from the other vehicles around you.

Even minor issues can lead to a serious accident when you are on a motorcycle since you do not have the same safety features as a car.


Truck drivers sit higher up in their vehicles, which means that motorcycles are harder to spot from this position. Depending on where you are on the road, you may not be visible to others. When another person is hurrying or disobeying road rules, the size of your motorcycle can impact if a crash happens.