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How can scaffolding lead to a construction accident?

As workers build temporary platforms to repair buildings, there are some dangers that may become more apparent as time goes on.

Scaffolding in particular can lead to a serious spine or brain injury. Learning about the ways that accidents can occur can help you make a decision about workers’ compensation.

Improperly working safety gear

According to the United States Department of Labor, fall arrest systems need to be able to catch or restrain someone who is in danger of falling. If a system cannot do that, then you are at risk of sustaining serious injuries.

Your workplace should always have proper safety guidelines and gear in place, including guardrails around open areas on the platform.

Tools and tripping hazards

Walking along a plank can be tough to do, and a loose tool sitting out that someone forgot to put away can lead to you slipping and falling. If you fall from a few feet above the ground, you risk getting a head injury or sustaining spinal cord trauma.

Fellow employees should take care to clean up after themselves and follow all protocols for plank work platforms.

Poorly built platforms

When workers are rushing to finish constructing scaffolding, they may neglect to check to see if it can hold the proper amount of weight. A scaffold that is not properly assembled can collapse as someone is working on it, which can lead to a variety of issues.

A qualified person should always check and assess the scaffold before construction starts. Since falling is such a huge danger, you should stay aware of how scaffolding leads to accidents on-site.