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How can tailgating influence truck accidents?

As you drive on the road, you may notice trucks closely following behind you and showing signs of patience.

Tailgating can lead to sudden accidents, especially if other vehicles are smaller or if truckers are not paying attention to their surroundings. Learning about how tailgating can influence these crashes can help you as you travel.

Less room to move

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a common cause of accidents is vehicles crowding other people off the road. A driver may want to turn onto an off-ramp or exit a highway but then become blocked by a truck.

Tailgating can make it harder for cars to stay in their lane on the highway or other roads. When a truck continues to follow you, you may swerve to avoid getting sideswiped and end up losing control of the car.

Worse reaction time

Some truckers can become aggressive or break speeding laws if road rage happens. This leaves even less time for them to react or come to a full stop if another vehicle suddenly turns in front of them. Angry drivers may also pursue you down multiple roads without stopping in order to harass you more.

This is especially dangerous in situations with rain or snow since different weather conditions can impact braking and traction.

More speeding

A trucker who is tailgating often also breaks the speed limit in order to intimidate someone. This combination of speed and driver frustration can lead to collisions in traffic on a highway or back road.

You may sustain chest or back injuries in these crashes, even at lower speeds. Knowing how these reactions from a truck driver influence accidents can help you stay cautious.