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What are some dangers unique to motorcycles?

While you may know the dangers of car crashes or driving a truck, motorcycles tend to have more obscure problems.

Learning about how the differences in handling and visibility can affect how often other people crash into this vehicle can help you.


According to the United States Department of Transportation, larger vehicles need to learn to share the road with motorcycles. When a truck or car drifts into your lane or turns without warning, you can fall off your motorcycle and become severely injured.

Since motorcycles are typically smaller than most other vehicles, the driver simply may not see you. However, it is the other driver’s responsibility to check his or her mirrors before turning or changing lanes.

Lack of protection

While cars and trucks have doors and a structure surrounding them that can partially protect drivers in a head-on collision or if someone sideswipes them, motorcycles do not have that same protection. This makes any kind of crash even more serious for people on motorcycles.

Riding with a passenger sitting behind you leaves you both at risk for falling off and suffering from spinal cord injuries or brain trauma if a driver does not follow the road rules.


Braking quickly if a car suddenly swerves into your lane can knock you off your bike, while a car slowing down would not suffer from the same problem. A motorcycle’s handling, including how quickly you can stop or turn, influences how much space people should give you.

If a truck or car darts quickly in front of you or attempts to tailgate you, then you may struggle to stay upright. Knowing the ways that motorcycles are different from other vehicles can help you drive on the open road.