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What can happen when a semi driver is not alert on the highway

Responsible people in Macon know that safe driving requires your full attention. From the moment you shift out of park until you reach your destination, focusing on the road gives you the best chance of avoiding a serious car accident. Splitting your focus for even a few seconds to read a text message, take a bite of a sandwich or virtually anything else may be enough to lose control and crash into an innocent person.

Distracted driving is especially dangerous when the distracted person is piloting a tractor-trailer. Eighteen-wheelers are enormous, powerful trucks that require total control from a focused, trained driver. Giving up control for a short time can lead to disaster like it did on I-16 recently.

Failure to brake for traffic leads to tragedy

The Georgia Department of Public Safety says a fiery crash involving three semi-trucks cost the life of one of the truck drivers. The section of the interstate where it happened was undergoing maintenance on one of the lanes, with traffic slowing down to merge into the left-hand land. Authorities believe the driver of one of the trucks failed to brake as needed and rear-ended another semi. The first truck then veered left and struck a third truck from behind. The truck burst into flames, and the driver died as a result.

It’s always a tragedy when someone dies in a traffic accident. But it is arguably worse when a person is killed because of another person’s irresponsible, reckless behavior. Negligence from truck drivers can take many forms, including distracted driving and driving while exhausted from lack of sleep. The driver’s trucking company often shares the blame, such as by discouraging rest breaks or hiring inexperienced drivers and failing to train them properly.