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A crush injury to your foot may lead to serious complications

Crush injuries happen at an alarming rate at construction sites across the country. In fact, these injuries are so common the Occupational Safety and Health Administration places them on its list of the four injuries that often cause construction-related fatalities.

A crush injury may happen when something falls on you. Unless the object is large, though, your extremities may be at more risk than the rest of your body. If you have a crush injury to your foot, you may be vulnerable to serious and even potentially life-threatening complications.


If something crushes your foot, you may suffer broken bones, muscle damage and nerve injuries. In combination, these can be exceedingly difficult for doctors to repair. If your foot is not salvageable, doctors may recommend amputation. Sadly, amputation may cause you to develop a dangerous infection.

Loss of sensation

Even if doctors save your foot, it may never feel the same again. In fact, those who survive crush injuries often experience a loss of sensation in affected body parts. If you cannot feel your foot, you may be at risk of suffering additional injuries, such as burns or pressure ulcers.

Restrictions in movement

You may not think much about your feet until there is a problem with one. If your crush injury causes damage to connective tissues, you may not walk properly. While rehabilitation and therapy may help, you may have to adjust to walking with crutches or riding in a wheelchair.

Ultimately, if you have a catastrophic foot injury due to an accident at work, pursuing workers’ compensation benefits may give you the financial resources you need to minimize your risk of developing major complications.