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Who is liable in a truck accident?

Accidents involving large trucks and other commercial vehicles can be particularly catastrophic. It can be easy to cast blame for the crash on a negligent driver, but there may actually be other parties liable for the factors contributing to the crash.

The National Safety Council reports 4,965 deaths in 2020 as a result of large truck crashes. If an accident with a commercial vehicle causes injury or wrongful death in your family, it is important to understand who is liable so you can pursue the compensation you deserve.

Multiple parties may be at fault in a truck accident

It goes without saying that a truck driver who is negligent, distracted or inattentive certainly shares the blame when an accident occurs. However, the trucking company that employs the driver may be responsible for any policies, technology or cargo issues that contribute to the likelihood of an accident. Maintenance crews and manufacturers can also be liable if faulty or underserved truck parts result in dangerous driving conditions.

Pursuing all liable parties leads to full compensation

It is in your best interest to fully investigate the cause of your accident with help from your legal team. Choosing only to take action against the truck driver might deprive you of the compensation you might receive from the trucking company and its partners if they share liability.

You have the right to seek justice and pursue the necessary compensation you need for recovering after a devasting truck accident. Crashes involving commercial vehicles have many complicated factors, so it is important to not overlook the other parties who may be liable beyond just the driver.