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What are the top causes of truck crashes?

Georgia roadways play host to semi-trucks as drivers work around the clock to deliver goods from all over. With the uptick in big trucks, a related increase in accidents occurs.

Truck crashes are some of the most fatal. The size of the truck and the weight of its cargo often make it harder to avoid catastrophic injuries when a collision occurs. So what can drivers do to avoid these big rig crashes? Learn more about some of the most common factors in truck accidents.

What are the leading causes of semi-truck accidents?

While some accidents do just happen, others may prove preventable. Some of the top reasons for truck accidents fall into this latter category.

Driver distraction

Much like passenger drivers, truckers are prone to zoning out and becoming distracted. Cell phones have become the leading contender for providing drivers of all vehicle types with distractions. Other in-cab distractions may come into play, such as:

  • Radio stations
  • GPS navigation
  • Passenger banter
  • Eating and drinking


Truckers have to adhere to strict speed limits, especially on roads that have steep grades or more turns. Since trucking is a job, drivers may decide to increase speed to deliver goods and, thus, get paid quicker. This may become especially dangerous if the driver is unfamiliar with the road.


Truck drivers have a set of restrictions on driving times they should follow. The government introduced these rules to stop drivers from pushing their limits and driving tired. Even with the restrictions, truckers may still drive on inadequate sleep. Nodding off while navigating a large truck may come with deadly consequences.

Remaining safe on the road with truckers may come down to diligence.